Aye I need a patois tutor, any volunteers?

Poison Ivy sketch, she’s filled with chlorophorm so why wouldn’t her hair be dark and bushy? Anyway about an hour, ink and color pencils.

Gettin the computer fixed soon so I should have more to post

I am for real surprised when I run into people from high school or anywhere else who remember my name or even speak to me. Especially when they didn’t fuck with me like that then. But whatever time changes all things

Tali’Zorah vas Neale Hurston

Capitalism is so devious…

…that gas is sold by 9/10ths of a gallon

kosherfriedchicken said: A girl who doesn't love Chipotle is not wife material.











Chipotle like C + Mexican food though

YALL live in Texas close to the border so YALL get that authentic all we got is chipotle for Mexican up here 😒 them burritos is the best in tryna see what A+ tastes like

In all honesty I don’t really eat too Mexican food out here I’m from Cali so that’s where my standards come from lol

It really is C+ Mexican food

You guys need to understand, its not about the mexican food, or wifey material




Chipotle is forreals C+ Mexican food… This is coming from a Canadian. But I’m a lil biased as they put cilantro in everything and I’m not a liker of it…

There are a ton of better places that Id rather frequent… And they take debit, too— idkw they would accept cash and credit but not debit (at my local location)

Ain’t shit like being in somebody’s abuela’s kitchen though. You want A+ that’s where it is

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Tuesday means titties, I believe you would be hard pressed to find a group of people who don’t like titties

Pixelated Hotsauce

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did a quick pin up commission for a random benefactor. took about 4 hours altogether

hit up my blog Pixelated Hotsauce if you wanna see more

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I thought that CN and DC would’ve had their shit together and stop canceling all these good ass shows

Or at least had a Wonder Woman and the Amazing Amazons animated series.

I’m watching The Hobbit and…

there’s 3 different types of white people in these movies

Elves - aryan blue eye blonde hair

Dwarves - super litigious greedy rude short beardos

Humans - default grizzled stone faced dudebros

And the all the brown people are orcs and goblins and the like

See also: Warcraft

Hundreds of years later white dudes STILL HAVE NOT LEARNED TO WASH THEIR FUCKING HANDS

…and that shit is disgusting

Am I the only one watching the FIBA Cup?

Old southern black folk are the same level of maturity as grade school children and I hate that shit

Hongry as fuck, wanna make a breakfast burrito but I have no ingredients for it. But on the bright side I have a few commissions stacked up so I will be burritoing it up in a day or so

Can’t fuck with Wendy’s anymore

My friend just pointed out that spokeslady don’t ever eat anything in them commercials